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MyNewsMesa is an online community news organization unilaterally focused on news and information about Mesa, Arizona, its people, happenings and businesses. Founded by a group of journalists and former media professionals with an unwavering desire to provide objective news and information to the community we serve. We serve the citizens of Mesa, Arizona, and those in any way connected to Mesa. We are driven by a deeply-held belief that news organizations – especially now – serve their community best when they are involved in and connected to it. As a news source, that requires us to break from either tradition or current trends in some very fundamental ways that we think you may appreciate.

Free to read

This one’s simple. We are free to read and intend to stay that way. How? By offering the absolute best value in advertising available. For more information on advertising at MyNewsMesa, drop us a line at rflowers@mynewsmesa.com or call 602-432-9567.

Mesa news

We report exclusively on the communities we serve. No wire service, no clickbait. “Local” for us means community: being part of the people, places and events, and sharing their stories. Submit your Mesa news tips and press releases to kmixer@mynewsmesa.com.

Sponsor supported

The content on MyNewsMesa.com is provided for your enjoyment and engagement. MyNewsMesa also contains advertising from 20 local businesses who are sponsoring the site because they share the belief that local news provides a value to the community. We encourage you to engage those businesses and let them know you appreciate their support for community news. See sponsor information here. Without them, there would be no MyNewsMesa.

Proportional in delivery

Despite the current trend in local traditional media, we do not lead with the big scary stories unless the content relevance supports it. We believe creating and delivering locally relative content plays a significant role in building communities. We value our role in providing that content and understand that our readers don’t need more sensationalism, opinions or political undertones. We won’t lean. The facts don’t lean. We report about the people, events, places and businesses that make Mesa a wonderful and unique place to live. We report all sorts of news (including hard news like crime), but we work very hard to make sure what we report matches the proportions of our community. Here’s what we mean:

The most recent FBI Universal Crime Report (2012) shows that the city of Mesa had a total of 16,041 crimes reported to law enforcement. More than 14,000 of those crimes were property crimes, either a theft or burglary of some sort. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? It does, and it is, and as such, the citizens deserve to have it reported on. But the next number might surprise you.

If one assumes that each one of those crimes was committed by a separate individual and that every one of those individuals was a Mesan, we are left with less than 3.5 percent of our population engaging in criminal activity. That means that in the worst of cases, well over 95 percent of the population is not engaged in criminal activity.

That is why our home page reflects the current local news, and the majority of the time that’s progress, entertaining events, and the accomplishments of people, organizations, and businesses. We could drive a lot more page views with a crime-heavy focus, but that wouldn’t be an accurate view of Mesa and who we are, so we don’t do it.

Please don’t get us wrong, we value the information relative to the law enforcement community and understand the value in reporting crime as a part of the news proportionally with context. We also publish the most comprehensive police and fire information available online and we are proud to have that information available to our users for the purpose of providing context to law enforcement events in your area.

At your fingertips.

Our site is mobile responsive and ever-changing but one thing is certain, we will always be available on any device anywhere. We are shareable and linkable and we want you to connect with us and our content to connect with you.

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