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AG Brnovich files motion to consolidate 1,289 drive-by ADA parking lot lawsuits 

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. (Courtesy Arizona Attorney General's Office)

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the Office of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed a motion in Maricopa County Superior Court to consolidate 1,289 open lawsuits targeting Arizona small businesses. The motion asks the judge to consolidate the cases listed in Appendix A for the following limited purposes:

(1) considering whether the complaints filed by these Plaintiffs should be dismissed on the basis of common issues of law and fact.

(2) considering whether the Court should issue any sanctions or other remedial orders.

If the judge agrees to allow the State to intervene as a limited purpose defendant, the State intends to file a motion seeking dismissal of all consolidated cases on the basis of threshold questions of law and fact common to all consolidated cases, including, but not limited to, Plaintiffs’ lack of standing.

The State further requests that the Court hold a scheduling conference as soon as possible to extend deadlines in these cases until the common questions can be resolved, and that the Court give expedited consideration to this motion and its request to leave to serve by other means.


Motion to Consolidate

Appendix A – 1,289 Open AID Cases

Notice of Errata

Order Granting Motion to Serve by Other Means

For background information, visit: http://mynewsmesa.com/mesa-businesses-continue-targeted-ada-parking-lot-compliance-lawsuits/

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