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Behind the scene: Auditioning for regionals

Second from the right, Regionals participant and Red Mountain junior Anthony Procopio performs in last year’s holiday concert. (Danielle Kernaghan/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

Regionals is a competition for performing arts students that allows them to get more involved with the community and show off their talents. Students in the highest orchestra classes, Symphonic Strings and Chamber, were required to audition for regionals, but any music student could audition if they wished. After an audition, students were notified within two days if they made it into the regionals competition. A total of 48 Red Mountain High School students got into regionals.

“First of all, just do it. Take a risk and build your talent,” said Joseph Johnston, chair of the Red Mountain Music Department. “Your gifts are meant to be shared and built upon.”

Students who have auditioned in the past knew what it was like and helped those who hadn’t auditioned before by giving them tips.

“If you plan on auditioning for regionals next year, make sure to practice sight-reading because it is an important portion in the audition process,” sophomore and choir student Taylor Lee said.

The students prepare for auditions from late December until late January. They prepared by practicing their songs nonstop and working on their sight-reading.

“The people auditioning and the ones in regionals are really intense and competitive, but all in all it’s a really fun and humbling experience,” sophomore and bassoon player Brandon Good said.

Choir students prepared a solo and sight-sing three staffs, orchestra students played three excerpts, three scales and sight-read one page with eight staffs for the audition. Band students performed a prescribed etude, a musical composition that is short but difficult, and a few scales.

“We have to learn how to play three different excerpts, and it is interesting because they are all just bits from bigger pieces, one is fairly easy, the second is a part from a really difficult piece and it’s the only easy part,” sophomore and cello player Cassandra Traicoff said.

Regionals is an excellent experience for any student in the performing arts, especially if they want to be professional musicians. For more information about regionals, talk to Johnston in Room 401.

– Danielle Kernaghan is a sophomore at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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