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Celtic Thunder storms the Mesa Arts Center

Celtic Thunder is returning to the Mesa Arts Center tonight with its Legacy Tour. (Courtesy of Celtic Thunder)

Nearly 10 years have passed since Celtic Thunder burst onto the international music scene. They’ve rocked Billboard’s top 100 charts 10 times within the last decade. The Irish singers are returning to the Mesa Arts Center with their Legacy Tour tonight, Nov. 2.

Conceived by Sharon Browne and David Munro, Celtic Thunder is very much an answer to Celtic Woman. The group comprised entirely of stellar male talent is more than just a choir concert but a full-blown show filled with some of the top musicians from Ireland.

Ryan Kelly has been with the troupe since the beginning. The Northern Irish singer says the group just gets better with age.

“A lot of people who have seen a lot of our Celtic Thunder shows over the years say that this is the best show that they’ve seen so far—which is special to us,” Kelly said. “It makes us very happy to hear that.”

The Legacy Tour coincides with the dual release of “Legacy Vol. 1” and “Legacy Vol. 2,” which were both released earlier this year.

“We thought let’s choose the songs and the tracks that best represent us. That’s really what comprises these two albums,” Kelly said.

Both albums survey the musical history of Celtic Thunder, touching on traditional Irish and Celtic songs, as well as modern pop favorites such as “Now We Are Free” from the “Gladiator” soundtrack and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (made famous by Jeff Buckley).

Kelly explained that the albums survey music from the very genesis of Celtic Thunder. They revisited old favorites and breathed new life into them with fresh arrangements.

“There’s nothing worse than…going to a concert and hearing something that you’ve heard so many times before exactly the same as it always was,” Kelly said. “We reinvent ourselves a lot.”

With the Legacy tour and albums, Celtic Thunder brings a fresh take on what fans have come to enjoy. Kelly said that the group’s success really is because of their fans. It’s a big part of why they’ve been so successful over the last nine years.

“It’s a testament to our fan base as well because, as you say, the shelf life for a lot of music groups and musicians is not that long. And here we are nine years going on nearly 10 years,” he said.

As for the show at the Mesa Arts Center, Kelly said you better come ready to have a blast.

“I suppose the best way to describe it is a big Irish party. We want you to come and have a good time and party with us!”

Tickets and concert information can be found online at MesaArtsCenter.com or by calling 480-644-6500. The Mesa Arts Center is located at One East Main St.

– In addition to reporting for MyNewsMesa.com, Mesa resident Kaely Monahan  anchors and reports for KTAR News.

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