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Chief Meza makes the rounds in his final days with the city

Police Chief John Meza was the mystery guest at December’s “Mesa Morning Live.” (Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)

He may be retiring on Dec. 22, but you’d never know it because Mesa Police Chief John Meza has been making the rounds in uniform all over the city this month. Most recently, he was the mystery guest on December’s “Mesa Morning Live.”

(Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)
(Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)

The chief was touting his police response report recommendations to police agencies, a comprehensive response report that has received high praise from the White House as a model across the country for police departments.

“Every police department needs to look at themselves in a mirror and ask how are we policing today,” Meza said. “It took us about six months to put the report together and we used our IT project manager so it cost us $2,000, which is really nothing.”

The chief calls it a “very transparent reflection of what the department is doing well and what they are not doing well.”

“We looked at everything, mainly how does the community feel we’re doing our job,” Meza said. “This is policing in the 21st century. This report is a blueprint of how to do policing today.”

Meza, 50, will remain president of the Community Bridges Incorporated Board and has been appointed to serve on the National Tactical Officers Association Board of Directors as well as continuing his work with the Arizona Human Trafficking Council. He will also be teaching at Mesa Community College

“I’m too young to just play video games,” Meza laughed.

Late today, the city of Mesa announced that Assistant Police Chief Michael Dvorak has been selected as the interim police chief.

For more on Meza, visit http://mynewsmesa.com/looking-back-pd-chief-mezas-30-year-career-mesa/.

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