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End of season honors for hoops, soccer

Red Mountain defeated Mesa, 6-2, in East Valley Region action on Tuesday. (Michelle Herrick/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

With only one winter sports team from Mesa Public Schools still alive in the postseason, it is time for the postseason recognition to start rolling in for the 2017-2018 season.

The all-region teams, voted on by the coaches within the region, have been released for most of the sports excluding boys basketball, while wrestling coaches do not vote at all.

Here is a look at area players who were honored with first-team honors or player of the year picks.

Girls basketball

East Valley Region

Amaya Leon, Dobson

Maggie Makil, Westwood

Heavyn Jordan, Red Mountain

Maianalani Ta’ase, Mountain View

Eliza Heiney, Mesa

Sierra Martin

Coach of the Year: Glenda Skalitzky, Westwood

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Maggie Makil, Westwood, Sierra Martin, Skyline

Defensive Player of the Year: Maianalani Ta’ase, Mountain View

Player of the Year: Amaya West, Red Mountain

Central Region hasn’t reported



East Valley Region

Ivan Chaparro, Mesa, D

Ryan Metera, Red Mountain, D

Jamie Campuzano, Skyline, D

Jose Huato, Westwood, D

Jesus Valenzuela, Mesa, F

Daniel Yinglin, Red Mountain, F

Alberto Castaneda, Westwood, F

Rafael Blanco, Dobson, F

Ole Pedersen, Red Mountain, Goalie

Moises Durazo, Mesa. MF

Andy Rangel, Skyline, MF

Jesus Segura, Mesa, MF

Connor Rosenbaum, Mountain View, MF

Coach of the Year:  TJ Hagen, Mesa

Offensive Player of the Year: Rafael Blanco, Dobson

Defensive Player of the Year: Jamie Campuzano, Skyline, D

Player of the Year: Moises Durazo, Mesa

Central Region

First team

Matt Shaw, Desert Ridge, F


East Valley Region

First team

Brittani Rusnak, Red Mountain, D

Macy Wilbur, Westwood, D

Jenna Williams, D

McKinley Barney, Mountain View, D

Ana Munoz Vazquez, Skyline, D

India Henwood, Skyline, F

Acacia Glenn, Red Mountain, F

Sara Marske, Mountain View, F

Sara Svoboda, Red Mountain, F

Bri Zurfluh, Mountain View, Goalie

Michelle Monroy, Westwood

Jennna Williams, Mesa, MF

Emiley Bailey, Red Mountain, MF

Hope Hilliard, Mountain View, MF

Brenda Anaya, Mesa, MF

Coach of the Year: Jen Larsen, Mountain View

Offensive Player of the Year: Acacia Glenn, Red Mountain

Defensive Player of the Year: Brittani Rusnak, Red Mountain

Player of the Year: Sara Marske, Mountain View

Central Region

First team

Jessica Olander, Desert Ridge

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.


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