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Live Update: Mesa native makes it into World Series, Game 3!

Mesa native Victoria Romero was in line for more than 10 hours to get tickets to Game 3 of the World Series tonight. (Submitted photo)

Live Update, she has her ticket and is making it in: img_4225-mov

Mesa native Victoria Romero flew to Chicago yesterday with what she says was a plane full of Cubs fans like her on the same mission: Get into Game 3 of the World Series tonight.

(Submitted by Victoria Romero)
(Submitted by Victoria Romero)

Romero has been at Wrigley Field standing in line now for nearly 10 hours to try and get a ticket to tonight’s game.

She told MyNewsMesa.com this morning: “As I sit here with other die-hard fans, I still am in disbelief that the Cubs are here, that I am here standing in line for tickets! It wasn’t as crowded at 7:30 a.m. as I thought it would be, but as the hours pass this place is getting crazy. People are passing us, thinking we are all crazy, maybe we all are? I will sit here until I know the ‘day of tickets’ are gone. In the mean time, I am enjoying my company and surroundings. I have ’70s rock playing in front of me and sound checks in Wrigley behind me…even if I don’t get in tonight, I am in heaven right now.”

Romero’s update this past hour: “A knife fight broke out and there’s been lots of celebrity sightings. Ticket windows are now open so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me.”

For her backstory, read: http://mynewsmesa.com/making-history-mesa-natives-love-cubs-prompts-gofundme-account-world-series/



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