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Football rankings: Back to the drawing board

The rankings are up in the air and twisting in the wind as much as a coin toss through three weeks of action. (Corey Cross/MyNewsMesa)

To quote Vince Lombardi in a classic NFL Films clip: “What that hell is going on out here?”

Welcome, to the MyNewsMesa.com 6A Conference top 15 football rankings.

The top-ranked team is expected to be without its quarterback for at least another week.

The second-ranked team lost to a California team that hasn’t won more than eight games since 2013 back when Chaminade won the California state title.

The third-ranked team lost to the No. 1 ranked team in OT.

Since it is hard to quantify exactly what is going on with Chandler, Mountain Pointe and Pinnacle they will all stay put.

For now.

Then there is the bottom third of the Top 15. It’s a messy affair with a winless team making an appearance and another team dealing with a loss that saw them have the running clock instituted against them in the first half last week.

We nearly resorted to pulling names out of a hat, but instead went with somewhat logical, in our minds at least, thinking.

That’s how Cesar Chavez moved into the 13th spot despite being 0-2 after losing by less than a touchdown to two undefeated teams – Queen Creek and Highland.

Basha moved up two spots despite a two-game losing streak, but the defeats came against No. 3 Pinnacle and No. 9 Desert Vista.

Then there is Red Mountain.

The Mountain Lions started the year at No. 4 but lost to No. 1 Chandler in a never-in-doubt but decently competitive game. After a bye week the then-fifth ranked Lions were hammered 52-14 by then No. 12 Hamilton.

By all accounts Red Mountain is struggling, but in our minds it would still be the favorite to win against the teams not in the rankings so the Lions snagged the final spot.

Hamilton had a lot of celebrating to do after going up 52-0. (Corey Cross/MyNewsMesa)


6A Conference

  1. Chandler 2-1 (1 last week)
  2. Mountain Pointe 1-1 (2)
  3. Pinnacle 2-1 (3)
  4. Perry 3-0 (4)
  5. Desert Ridge 2-0 (6)
  6. Hamilton 2-1 (12)
  7. Mountain View 2-01(7)
  8. Highland 3-0 (8)
  9. Desert Vista 1-1 (10)
  10. Skyline 2-1 (11)
  11. Desert Mountain 2-1 (9)
  12. Basha 1-2 (14)
  13. Cesar Chavez 0-2 (-)
  14. Gilbert 1-1 (-)
  15. Red Mountain 0-2 (5)

Dropped out: Westview, Tucson

Mesa Seven

  1. Desert Ridge 2-0 (2) – The Jaguars defense got a shutout and QB Matt Purnell performed well.
  2. Mountain View 2-0 (3) – A tight game against Corona blown open by TDs from defense and special teams.
  3. Skyline 2-1 (4) – Darius Glover had a big night to push Coyotes back into win column.
  4. Red Mountain 0-2 (1) – An abysmal performance in 52-14 loss to Hamilton.
  5. Dobson 2-0 (5) – The Mustangs playing well under new regime, shut out Central.
  6. Mesa 1-2 (7) – The Jackrabbits dropped 60 on Copper Canyon with Nate Hanna throwing six TDs.
  7. Westwood 1-2 (6) – The Warriors had tough draw in offensive machine Perry last week.

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.


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