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Football rankings: Championship contenders narrow

Perry quarterback Brock Purdy (13) fakes a handoff as Westwood's Keith Whiting (9), right, pursues during their game Friday, Sept. 1 at Westwood. (Steve Burks/MyNewsMesa)

The halfway point is quickly approaching with some teams already five games into the season and the others reaching that point this week.

It looks like only a handful of teams have a shot at the 6A Conference title.

Mountain Pointe and Chandler are there and Perry is close to behind, and may even been favorite in the mind of some.

Pinnacle is always going to be a contender as long as quarterback Spencer Rattler is upright, while Hamilton looks to be a nightmare of a matchup when they are on offense so if the defense, which was last year’s weak link in a four-loss season, continues to mature the Huskies might be in line for an eighth state title.

Undefeated Highland, which allows 11.4 points a game, gets its chance to show if it belongs in the hierarchy this week when it travels to take on the Pumas, who are averaging a mere 59.5 points through five games.

The rest of 6A is most likely playing for early-round fodder in the postseason with the remaining teams of the top 10 having been blown out by the teams above them already that season.

It doesn’t count them out, but it doesn’t bode well, either.

The team that intrigues me the most is Perry and wondering if the Pumas can break through the Mountain Pointe, Hamilton and Chandler stranglehold they’ve combined to have on the AZ big-school supremacy in recent years.

The three programs have combined for eight appearances and four championships over the last five seasons.

Perry won a school-record 11 games last year, matching the number of wins in the three previous years combined, including a crazy 63-60 overtime win over Hamilton in the quarterfinals before being blown out by Chandler in the semis.

It will be interesting to see if the Pumas are ready to take that next step, and how the bracket-seeding falls. There are still six weeks to let that all play out, but there is something I believe to be true.

This run of success is here to stay as Preston Jones and Pumas reap the benefits of a growing community, and a large LDS church being built in Gilbert much like Mountain View took advantage of for years.

Mountain Pointe’s Marshawn Gibson swats the ball away from Mountain View’s Jacobby Dinwiddie in the end zone.(Darryl Webb/MyNewsMesa.com)


6A Conference

  1. Mountain Pointe 3-1 (1 last week)
  2. Chandler 3-2 (2)
  3. Perry 5-0 (4)
  4. Pinnacle 3-2 (3)
  5. Hamilton 4-1 (5)
  6. Highland 5-0 (6)
  7. Desert Ridge 3-1 (7)
  8. Desert Vista 3-1 (8)
  9. Mountain View 2-2 (9)
  10. Gilbert 3-1 (10)
  11. Red Mountain 2-2 (11)
  12. Desert Mountain 3-1 (13)
  13. Horizon 3-1 (14)
  14. Skyline 3-2 (15)
  15. Dobson 3-1 (-)

Out: Cesar Chavez

Desert Ridge quarterback Cooper Schmidt makes a throw against Brophy. (Darryl Webb/MyNewsMesa.com)

Mesa Seven

  1. Desert Ridge 3-1 (1) – Copper Schmidt’s dual-threat ability starting to command the offense as the QB situation starts to settle.
  2. Mountain View 2-2 (2) – Five trips to red zone. One field goal. Offense moved the ball but couldn’t finish against No. 1 Mountain Pointe.
  3. Red Mountain 2-2 (3) – Two wins in a row. No. 3 three will be harder to come by against 3-1 Gilbert.
  4. Skyline 3-2 (4) – Darius Glover continues to do it all with a pick six and touchdown catch in win over Millennium.
  5. Dobson 3-1 (5) – Mustangs creep into top 15, but have to play well against Desert Vista to remain.
  6. Westwood 2-3 (6) – Second straight EV Region squad to be beat up by Gilbert passing game.
  7. Mesa 1-4 (7) – It looks like the Jackrabbits will have trouble surpassing last year’s four wins.

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.

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