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Gateway Airport, MomDoc Charities partner to bring ‘mother’s rooms’ to terminal

J. Brian O’Neill, executive director and CEO of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. (Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, in coordination with MomDoc Charities, has a new feature for traveling mothers who are nursing or just need a quiet place for their baby or toddler; two “mother’s rooms” located after the security screening in the terminal and near baggage claim.

What the "mother's rooms" will look like. (Courtesy of
What the “mother’s rooms” will look like. (Courtesy of MomDoc Charities)

The mother’s rooms are separate rooms within the women’s restroom. Each room features a glider, changing table, bench for sibling or diaper bag, a side table with children’s books, and a paper towel dispenser and hand sanitizer. MomDoc Charities provided the special touch with fresh paint, art and décor.

“We know traveling is a stressful experience for mothers of young children,” said Dr. Jennifer Shaw of MomDoc Charities. “We are happy to make the experience more comfortable by providing a private and secure location where moms can prepare for a long flight and care for their babies.”

J. Brian O’Neill, executive director/CEO of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport added: “We are grateful to MomDoc Charities for their partnership in providing this additional service for our customers. Gateway continues to look for new ways to make traveling with family as easy as possible.”

Airport officials say 1.3 million passengers traveled through Gateway Airport last year traveling to 38 destinations across the United States on Allegiant Airlines. Service to Calgary and Edmonton begins Jan. 19 on WestJet Airlines. Recently, NewLeaf Travel Co. canceled plans for its Canada route from Gateway Airport, which they announced before competitor WestJet Airlines.

For more information about Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, visit www.gatewayairport.com.

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