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Girls coaches poll: Gilbert at the top but schedule a question

The Red Mountain girls basketball team is the only local team to receive votes in the 6A Conference coaches poll. (Red Mountain girls basketball Twitter account)

Gilbert sits at the top of the 6A Conference Coaches Poll for the second week in row.

The Tigers had the most first-place votes, but also received a fourth-place vote based on strength of schedule.

“I know this may seem low, and I do believe with the Cavinder twins they can knock off ANYONE,” one coach said. “But they don’t play Valley Vista, Mesquite, Millennium or Xavier in (regular) season play. Which doesn’t really test how they would do against the three ahead of them. They played Valley in Thanksgiving tourney, and Valley dominated the game winning by 20.”

It’s going to make for a great state tournament with as many as four teams considering the top contenders.

This Valley Vista, Xavier and Millennium follow the Tigers. There is a big drop off to No. 5 Highland after that as the votes get spread out.

Locally, only Red Mountain continues to receive votes as the Mountain Lions remained in the eighth spot.

“Coach (Martin) Appel is really getting the most out of his team.,” one coach said. “Strong play from (Amaya) West, (Samantha) Shoemaker and (Jacquelyn) Ries makes this team tough.”

Here is a look at the latest top 10 by the coaches:

6A Girls Basketball Coaches Poll (18 votes)              

Team (Record)          LW        Points (First-place votes)

1. Gilbert (18-2)            1                163 (8)

2. Valley Vista (15-5)    2                158 (4)

3. Xavier (17-4)           4                146 (2)

3. Millennium (17-5)      3                146 (4)

5. Highland (15-6)        6                  97

6. Desert Mtn (15-5)    7                  79

7. Pinnacle (16-3)         5                  64

8. Red Mtn (13-6)         8                 46

9. Hamilton (14-7)        9                  43

10. O’Connor (14-6)     –                  22

Dropped out: Mountain Pointe (10th)

Others receiving votes: Mountain Pointe 20, Perry 6, Tucson 2.

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.

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