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Guitar classes get advance at Red Mountain


The guitar classes at Red Mountain High School have changed dramatically. Instead of having the first two levels of guitar semester-long courses, both are now year-long. The skill of guitar students has risen, and the requirement of advanced guitar class has also gone up.

With advanced guitar being a more exclusive class comes more performances, including the Dia de los Muertos performance at the Mesa Arts Center on Oct. 28. The ensemble will also be travelling to Anaheim, Calif., to perform with the other performing arts classes. This is a large step to take for guitar students as most have only been playing guitar for a couple of years.

“To prepare for a performance, I have to put in a lot of practice to perfect my part,” senior Joseph Bien said. “When we’re all on stage with the lights all on us, the feeling of performing is the best, and I’m proud to be able to experience it.”

For information about guitar performances and class curriculum, visit the school’s guitar teacher Brennan Harris.

– Elijah McKay is a senior at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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