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Hitting the books on Saturdays

Tutoring is the best way to improve a student’s grades. (Emily Benyamin/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

Tutoring is the best way to improve a student’s grades. It is available before and after school, during Saturday School and during Lion Time at Red Mountain High School.

“Students that come in for tutoring ask a lot of good questions,” Geometry teacher Michael Quelle said. “The problem is that we need to get more students to come in for tutoring, so that they have the opportunity to ask those great questions.”

Students should take advantage of the opportunity to go to tutoring for help. Asking questions is always an option when in need of support. Students learn from their questions and gain more knowledge from asking.

“Tutoring has improved my grades a lot because of the help I get,” junior Ariana Calzadias said. “It really helps me understand the content of the class.”

Getting help can improve a student’s grades, especially with all of the great resources available.

“I feel that the tutoring program helps students,” Quelle said. “Students that really care about their grade show up and get the help they need.”

Help is strongly recommended for everyone, whether it’s to get more of an understanding on a subject or just extra support. For more information on tutoring, go to http://www.mpsaz.org/rmhs/academics/interventions.

– Emily Benyamin is a sophomore at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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