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Ma’am Exams: A new twist on women’s health care

Jennifer Henderson is a medical assistant at Ma'am Exams in Mesa. (Ted Wendel/MyNewsMesa.com)

When you walk into Ma’am Exams in Mesa you feel like you’re at a boutique instead of the doctor’s office. Clear jars of candy, fun colors and art are inviting and the staff makes you feel as if you just entered a resort.

Stephanie Piercy is a nurse practitioner at Ma'am Exams in Mesa. (Ted Wendel/MyNewsMesa.com)
Stephanie Piercy is a nurse practitioner at Ma’am Exams in Mesa. (Ted Wendel/MyNewsMesa.com)

“People can’t believe this is a medical office,” said Christine Bowman, marketing director for Ma’am Exams. “We offer a relaxed environment that’s not so clinical. We use cloth robes, not paper. When patients leave, we give them a bag of chocolate.”

Bowman said many insured women don’t get a yearly mammogram after age 40 like they should because they are afraid or don’t want to bother with it because cancer doesn’t run in their family.

“When breast cancer is caught in Stage 1 it’s 40 days in and out for treatment and it’s treatable,” she said.

Not every woman is getting a blood panel during their yearly well-woman exam either because they don’t want to have to drive to another location.

“We’re a one-stop shop without delays and excuses,” Bowman said. “We offer four exams in one – annual exam, PAP test, mammogram and skin cancer check. We draw blood here, treat sinus infections, you name it.”

She said by offering everything in one place by an all-woman staff eliminates the vulnerability and guilt women may have for not getting everything checked on a yearly basis.

“Procrastination has a cost. For instance, one woman every minute dies of heart disease,” Bowman said. “We’re opening a lot of locations to help educate women and our primary goal is to help, not make money.”

They also offer on-site ultrasounds and complete thyroid, bone density exams, heart and corotic artery checks for any chance of a stroke in their patients, eating disorders, and more.

“Medicine has changed so much and doctors don’t have time to spend with their patients and that’s why we have PAs (physician assistants),” Bowman said, adding that the average time a person gets with a doctor these days is five minutes and six seconds. “We have a nurse practitioner trained in women’s health care that’s spending 20 minutes with patients.”

That time and trust is what Bowman says sets Ma’am Exams a part from other providers.

“We need to know we can trust a medical provider and we have changed the viewpoint on how medicine is practiced,” she said. “Our goal here is to bring back that trusting, caring experience you should have.”

The Mesa location has been around for a year and Ma’am Exams has locations in Tempe and Chandler with plans to open a location in Scottsdale.

“It doesn’t cost us as much to open a facility and we accept all major insurance,” Bowman said, adding that future plans have seven more Ma’am Exams locations in the works further north of the Mesa site.

“Would you like to go to urgent care or come here? It’s a no-brainer,” Bowman added. “We get three to five additional patients from every referral. We don’t have all the answers but can help get preventative care to women.”

Ma’am Exams is located in Mesa at 2919 S. Ellsworth Road. Visit http://www.maamexams.com/contact/ for more information and other East Valley locations.

– Kelly Mixer is managing editor of MyNewsMesa.com. Reach her at kmixer@mynewsmesa.com.

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