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Mesa launches interactive technology to virtually promote economic development opportunities

Bill Jabjiniak, Mesa's director of economic development, speaks at the opening of City Bakery in west Mesa. (Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)

In partnership with SRP, the Mesa Office of Economic Development launched www.AerialMesa.com, a 360-degree, interactive, bird’s eye-view of five Mesa business districts.

AerialMesa.com, a web-based virtual reality tool, allows users to explore each of Mesa’s business district’s major assets and employers, new developments and investments, key amenities and development opportunities.

AerialMesa features the Riverview area, Fiesta District, Falcon District and Gateway Area including a map of the Elliot Road Technology Corridor and a second area including Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and the Pecos Advanced Manufacturing Zone. AerialMesa can be viewed at: www.AerialMesa.com.

This new tool accompanies Mesa’s brand refresh, which includes the development and redesign of the city profile and all new marketing collateral featuring Mesa’s key industry segments including health care, education, aerospace and technology. The new collateral can be found at: www.mesaaz.gov/business/economic-development/key-industries.

“Our brand refresh combined with this innovative virtual reality tool allows us to effectively promote development opportunities 24/7 to industry executives, site selectors, brokers, and developers in a visually appealing way,” Mesa Economic Development Director Bill Jabjiniak said.

AerialMesa was created by Aerialsphere. The company’s cutting-edge platform delivers a photorealistic, fully immersive view of the world in which geo-located information and data visualization can be presented in a virtual reality, 360-degree format that encourages discovery, interaction and user engagement, and enhances the user’s visual cognitive ability to perceive complex geospatial data.

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