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Mesa launches new CNG garbage truck fueling station

Today was the grand opening of Mesa's new permanent CNG fueling station. (City of Mesa)

In November 2012, the city of Mesa placed its first compressed natural gas (CNG) garbage truck into service and continues to move forward with its goal of 100 percent fleet conversion by 2021 with the grand opening of its new permanent CNG fueling station today.

Today was the grand opening of Mesa's new permanent CNG fueling station. (City of Mesa)
Today was the grand opening of Mesa’s new permanent CNG fueling station. (City of Mesa)

A mobile unit had previously been installed and was providing fuel for the 35 CNG vehicles currently in service. The new fueling station features improved compressors which allows for the faster fueling of vehicles and features both slow and newly introduced fast fill dispensers. Prior to the construction of the new station, only slow fill dispensers were available which limited the number of vehicles that could be filled at any given time.

The conversion from diesel powered to CNG powered solid waste collection vehicles provides several benefits and is becoming a popular choice in the solid waste industry.

  • The city of Mesa owns its own natural gas enterprise and the Environmental Management and Sustainability Department is able to buy CNG directly from the Energy Resources Department.
  • CNG prices are less volatile to the market when compared to diesel. CNG is currently one-fourth of the cost of diesel.
  • CNG is considered a cleaner burning fuel source.
  • CNG engines are quieter and require less maintenance and repair.

“We are excited to continue our advancement in converting our solid waste collection fleet to CNG. This project could not be possible without our city department partners and the continued support of our City Council,” Environmental Management and Sustainability Director Scott Bouchie said.

During fiscal year 2015/16, Mesa solid waste collection vehicles logged more than 1.6 million miles to meet the trash and recycling needs of city residential and commercial customers.

For more information about Mesa programs and services, visit: mesaaz.gov/waste.

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