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Mountain Vista to host new baby, sibling class for Mesa families

(Mountain Vista Medical Center)

A new baby brings lots of joy and changes to a family. Not just for the parents but for siblings as well. Brothers or sisters will have to get used to sharing everything – attention, toys, space and most importantly cherished time spent with their parents. If not properly prepared, the new changes can create animosity, mood swings and sibling rivalry in a big way on the home front.

To ease the anxiety, Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa is offering a sibling class that will educate families on how to help older children make the transition from being an only child to being the big brother or sister. The class will take place from 8:30 to 10 a.m. tomorrow, Sept. 10, at the medical center, 1301 S. Crismon Road. Attendees should park and enter through the Outpatient Entrance, located on the east side of the hospital, and proceed to classrooms on the second floor through the double doors.

The class will be led by Dr. Brian Goodman, a family medicine doctor at Mountain Vista Medical Center. He is a father of four children.

“Welcoming a new baby should be a joyous occasion, but oftentimes younger children, especially those who are used to being the only child, can find their world turned upside-down,” Goodman said. “Preparing them mentally and emotionally before baby arrives gives them a head start in understanding their important role as a sibling. It also arms parents with the tools needed to ensure their older child continues to feel safe and secure as the family dynamic changes.”

During the class children will learn:

  • What they should expect to see in the hospital and how they can help during the birth of the baby.
  • How to hold and snuggle with the baby by practicing on a doll.
  • Daily activities they can help parents with such as burping the baby, throwing out diapers, talking to the baby and holding the baby’s hand when getting a bath or being fed.
  • How to create adjustments for the newborn at home.

Additionally, the class will offer interaction time with other expecting families and a tour of the Maternity Center. There are a limited number of seats available and the cost is $12 per family, which includes take home resources for the child and family. Attendees are encouraged to register by calling 1-877-924-WELL (9355) or online at www.mvmedicalcenter.com.

“When you share what to expect and listen to how they feel, children become part of the process and it makes for an easier transition for everyone,” Goodman said. “The new baby becomes something the family celebrates and works together to take care of. This will help foster a nurturing relationship and encourage positive sibling relationships.”


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