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The new and improved Red Mountain campus

The new team shop at Red Mountain High School in Mesa. (Jan Saquella/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

After taking a good look around campus, it’s noticeable that Red Mountain High School in Mesa has received a bit of a facelift. Some new additions include anything from major renovations to simple banners on the gymnasium and on the outdoor stairwell. Whatever it is that may catch your eye, know that a lot of work has gone into what can be seen on campus as of this school year.

The new signage at Red Mountain High School.
(Jan Saquella/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

“The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in on the first day was definitely the new Advisement Office,” sophomore Yanely Garcia said. “It wasn’t completely finished, but the glass doors and materials inside gave a sort of view into what they were doing to finish it up. It made me wonder what they were using it for.”

The summer held many changes and challenges for the campus. Several months of work and the help of the school district was put into creating some of the changes, such as; the team store, the new Advisement Office and additional advisement staff. Principal Jared Ryan and other staff had these ideas in mind for a while. Certain renovations were in the works for years, and they are very pleased to watch them take shape.

“We want to be a community school,” Ryan said. “We really serve the entire community. Over the years we’ve had many requests from families who want to purchase things for their kids. They’ll come in and say they want to buy their kid a shirt for their birthday, or their student is starting as a freshman, and they want to get them a hat or other apparel, but we never really had anything to offer in terms of volume.”

It’s also hard to miss the new Advisement Office located upstairs inside the 200 building, just outside of the Attendance Office. The space has seen a drastic change over the course of remodeling. New glass doors give a clear view into the welcoming office front and individual offices create a more personalized experience between the student and the advisor.

“The space was underutilized. It had been there for years, and we didn’t use it to its full potential,” Ryan said. “Hopefully, the new use of this space is a positive step in the progression of our campus. The hope is for more parents, as well as students, to feel welcome in that environment and feel as if they can get some questions answered.”

– Sara Foster is a sophomore at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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