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Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery sweetens a classic dessert

Manager Shawn Strunk and Co-Owner Jan Newton at Nothing Bundt Cakes in Gilbert on the Mesa border. (Alyssa Tufts/MyNewsMesa.com)

Your taste buds will thank you later. Trust us, this Bundt cake will change your life—and we’re not exaggerating—it really is that good. We think after you’ve tried it—you could easily become a loyal customer of this friendly bakery in Gilbert on the Mesa border.

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ summer flavor, lemon raspberry. (Nothing Bundt Cakes’ Facebook page)

Nothing Bundt Cakes incorporates its own touches into their desserts—from the recipes to the handmade decorations. The bakery can create customized cakes for occasions that include everything from birthdays and Mother’s Day to Halloween and Christmas and increasingly popular baby gender reveals.

The bakery opened its first store in 1997 and has since spread the joy of their tasty Bundt cakes throughout more than 200 franchises across the U.S.

Though the Gilbert Nothing Bundt Cakes location is the seventh in Arizona, Co-Owner Jan Newton and Manager Shawn Strunk have found the Gilbert/Mesa area has welcomed their business into both cities since Mesa is across the street from the location on Baseline Road and the building is in Gilbert. The community has been inviting them to be part of their occasions, work functions or simply stopping in for a treat since opening in February.

When corporate was considering another Arizona location, “They looked at the Gilbert and Mesa area…because we had a lot of fans here already and there was not a convenient bakery for them,” Newton said.

Since their grand opening in February, the location has steadily made Gilbert and Mesa residents and businesses alike keep coming back for more. The bakery makes efforts to be part of the community by attending events, fulfilling orders for local businesses, personal orders for occasions, and donating products to local nonprofit organizations.

“I think Gilbert and Mesa is unique in that you have a lot of businesses, but you also have lot of families,” Newton said. “When someone walks in our store, I will sit at my desk and I’ll hear people say ‘This is the cutest store I’ve ever seen, I love it!’ and they keep coming back because I think it’s a happy place, but it also is a product that when they present it to their family and friends and business associates, they’re proud of it.”

“They become the life of the party whenever they show up with our cake,” Strunk said. “Gilbert has definitely been very welcoming with open arms.”

Part of this reaction from customers is credit to Nothing Bundt Cakes’ handmade touches, cake quality and flavors, not to mention the presentation aspect that makes it pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

A few of the most popular flavors are vanilla and chocolate chocolate chip; but customers can also choose from red velvet, lemon, white chocolate raspberry, marble, and others.

In addition to the flavor and occasion options, Nothing Bundt Cakes has various sizes including bite-size “Bundtinis,” single serving “Bundtlets” available individually or in towers from one to three gift-wrapped in cellophane. For larger parties, they offer 8-inch, 10-inch and tiered cakes that can serve anywhere from eight to 30 people.

To go along with the tasty cake, the bundts can be customized for different occasions with handmade decorations. Their “Happy Birthday”-themed cakes, named “Delicious Wishes” and “Cele’bundt’ing You,” are decorated with handmade bows on top of the cake, with a miniature present or pennant banner on top and finished with a candle. The occasions range from “Baby Gender Reveal,” “Thank You,” and “Holly Jolly” for Christmas time.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize how handcrafted the decorations are,” Strunk said. “There’s like 10 to 15 steps that go into that one decoration per cake.”

“It’s labor intensive,” Newton added of the decorations. “But it also relates to how well the guest feels about our product and how happy they are when they see the product, because it’s so darn cute, and I’m into cute.

“Our slogan here is cake changes everything,” Newton continued. “I will often tell our guests when they’ll order for a special occasion, ‘I’m flattered you would use us,’ because there are a lot of great bakeries out there and I respect them wholeheartedly, but I know what we do is unique.”

Customer Jeremy Eaton, assistant vice president of business development at Security Title Agency in Mesa, said the business started ordering from Nothing Bundt Cakes in May after a co-worker mentioned how amazing the bakery’s cakes are.

“The marketing department was given a project to find a nice giveaway for clients coming into the office to sign on the purchase or sale of their home,” Eaton said. “We purchase the single Bundt cake tower wrapped with cellophane and ribbon with a thank you card.”

The Gilbert resident said Security Title Agency has a business account set up and places orders at Nothing Bundt Cakes twice a week; their favorite flavors are chocolate chocolate chip and lemon.

“Nothing Bundt Cakes provided two dozen ‘Bundtinis’ for the office to sample. Everyone had amazing reviews on how delicious they were,” Eaton said, adding that Nothing Bundt Cakes is unique and has been welcomed into the community because “the cakes are delicious, and their presentation is wonderful.”

For those who may have doubts about trying Nothing Bundt Cakes, Eaton said part of the reason he would recommend the bakery is their accommodation to special requests.

“Bundt cakes are unique, based on taste and every individual order, and the presentation request is on point,” Eaton said.

While Bundt cakes may seem like an old-fashioned dessert, Nothing Bundt Cakes invites people to come in and try a sample from a tray in all its locations.

“I think the cake speaks for itself when you taste it,” Newton said. “I say to people, ‘I’m going to change your world today,’ and it’s usually the case,” Newton said. “We actually have a very easy job because when people taste our cake, it’s all over. It’s kind of a joke here, because if they have tasted it before, they already want it, and if they haven’t they’ll like it.

“That’s why we’re just so proud, that’s our goal is to make everybody in this area try this cake,” Newton said.

Strunk added his favorite thing about Nothing Bundt Cakes is watching the look on someone’s face who hasn’t tried the cake and when they try it, their whole face changes.

“The reason why I am so happy and I love doing this, is the reaction that people get after they try our cake and realize how friendly we are and how homey this place is, they get so excited it kind of makes their day,” Strunk said.

The homey aspect Strunk refers to is the business’ “Bundtique,” within the location which has kitchen, stationary, and home products available for customers to purchase.

“In this community, I am looking for sweet and family-oriented (items),” Newton said.

“Retail is important to me, because for me, it does set the personality for the store, and when people walk in here, I want them to feel a happiness when they come in.”

Part of Nothing Bundt Cakes’ success is its customer service that starts with Newton and Strunk’s hands-on management style—including making deliveries to customers themselves. The staff are from Mesa and Gilbert, they love what they do and it shows, Newton said.

“There are lots of Nothing Bundt Cakes, over 200 in the country, but I really feel that this area has some fantastic citizens, and we’ve got a team of them right here,” Newton said.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has a few rewards programs for customers including their “Yum Card,” where if customers buy 12 “Bundtlets,” they can get one free, or if they buy a dozen “Bundtinis,” they can get 12 free. They also have a birthday club customers can sign up for and get a free “Bundtlet” on their birthday.

“It is kind of an old-fashioned quality that we have here,” Newton said. “You feel like you’re the neighborhood bakery and there’s something special about that. We just hope that more people will discover us and give us a try and come in and actually taste the cake, that’s paramount for us in serving all of the Gilbert and Mesa area.”

Nothing Bundt Cakes is located at 2285 E. Baseline Road, Suite 103, in Gilbert. To learn more about the bakery, visit: nothingbundtcakes.com.

– Mesa resident Alyssa Tufts is a freelance reporter for MyNewsMesa.com.

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