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Nunez hopes to grow from outburst

Mountain View's Brandon Nunez throws downfield during their game with Mountain Pointe Friday night. (Darryl Webb/MyNewsMesa.com)

Brandon Nunez interjected before the first question was completed.

“I want to apologize for my actions,” he said. “I need to learn to keep my cool. I want to apologize for breaking out like that. I let my emotions get the best of me.”

It was at least the second time he apologized as the Mountain View junior quarterback addressed the team huddle after the Toros’ loss to Mountain Pointe on Friday night.

The apology came almost as quickly as the fuse on his temper after he fumbled without being hit in the waning moments of the loss to the Pride. Mountain View was in the red zone for the fifth time and desperately wanted to score after getting only a field goal in the previous four trips.

When the Pride recovered the ball, Nunez let out more than a few expletives that were made easier to understand after he threw his helmet toward the Toro sideline, and as he continued his tirade he knocked over the kicking net ala Odell Beckham Jr.

He was still yelling and flailing his arms as he disappeared into the Mountain View bench.

“I didn’t see it, but saw him on the sideline as one of our players tried calming him down,” Mountain View coach Mike Fell said. “I told him to come up here and listen, ‘It’s a mistake, you move forward and the next game you won’t do it.

“Look, he has some growing to do as a player. He only played in one game as a freshman, one or two last year and five this year so maybe seven games in his career, and now he is the starting quarterback. He is real competitive and plays hard. He tends to let his emotions get the best of him and it is definitely something he can learn from.”

Nunez had a solid game, but he and the Toros just couldn’t find the end zone. He completed 20 of 35 passes for 196 yards with an interception and of course the fumble.

“You have to work hard and can’t take reps off practice,” he said. “When you do take reps off it shows up in games. We have to practice well to play well. We can learn from this and get better from this. I know I learned a lot.”

Nunez, whose dad, Edwin, was a major league pitcher at the age of 19 and for 13 years, said he will do his best to keep playing with emotion, but keep the under control as well.

“I already know when I go to see my dad he is going to bust my chops,” Nunez said. “I rather do it now, and learn from it, so I can handle that kind of stuff better down the line.”

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.

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