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Nutrition Fix in Mesa offers smoothies, teas and positivity

Nutrition Fix owners Peggie Baney and Wendi Tackett want the smoothie bar to be a place of encouragement, and focus on building relationships with their customers to keep them coming back for their smoothies, teas and some positivity. (Alyssa Tufts/MyNewsMesa.com)

“Have the best day ever!”

This phrase is repeated countless times a day at Nutrition Fix by owners Wendi Tackett and Peggie Baney as customers leave their smoothie bar in Mesa. It’s just one way the results coaches ensure Nutrition Fix is meaningful for those who come through their doors.

Nutrition Fix’s cinnamon roll smoothie and original tea with mango aloe flavor. (Alyssa Tufts/MyNewsMesa.com)

As I walked in, Tackett and Baney were talking with customers, both greeted me with hugs, and offered me a complimentary smoothie and tea to try. Baney headed behind the smoothie bar, as Tackett explained the menu to me, pointing out how to order and asking what flavors I liked in particular – something she does regularly with customers. I chose a cinnamon roll flavored smoothie and an original flavored tea with mango aloe.

The open floor plan and shared workout space with Stick 2 It Nutrition gives the smoothie bar an energy-filled atmosphere. After I collected my drinks, the three of us took our seats at a high wooden table with tall steel chairs, one of the seating options aside from two black couches as trending music played on the radio.

After I took a sip of my tea, which I said some version enthusiastically of “that’s good,” and my smoothie (which by the way is delicious) I spoke to the owners about Nutrition Fix.

Tackett and Baney, who are positivity and energy personified, told me they both owned their own results-coaching businesses, and sold smoothies and meal replacement shakes. The opportunity arose to use their location as a place to sell their products so they decided to open Nutrition Fix together in May 2017. Their positive attitude and environment have helped them build meaningful customer relationships, and contributed to their success thus far in addition to serving tasty smoothies and teas.

“To have a positive environment for somebody to come hang out in, we don’t want it to be like a one-stop-shop where you come in and get your stuff and then you go,” Tackett explained of their philosophy. “We’re like, ‘come hang out with us,’ a lot of people don’t have a lot of love or a positive environment to be in or around outside of this place, so we want that for the community.”

If you’re looking for a healthy and tasty drink, Nutrition Fix has you covered. At first glance, their menu reads more like a dessert-lovers’ paradise, rather than a protein-packed smoothie that keeps you feeling full and tastes delicious. Customers can choose from smoothie flavors such as wedding cake, cinnamon roll, frosted animal cookie, Dreamsicle, Tootsie Roll, chunky monkey or banana nut bread.

Tackett said smoothie names such as Elvis-peanut butter and banana and Tootsie Roll-orange and chocolate, and frosted animal cookie remind customers of their childhood and when they read it, conjures a feeling and gives them an emotional attachment to the smoothie.

“Whenever we’re out inviting in the community, we’re like, ‘Here, come try us out, it’s for half off a smoothie, and they taste like Dairy Queen,’ so it intrigues them, and when they come in and try it, we’re like, it’s all actually really healthy for you,’” Tackett said.

“We want to be different,” Baney added of their flavors. “We really want to show people it doesn’t have to taste bad to be healthy, it doesn’t have to be green to be healthy…the look on people’s faces when they taste it, are like ‘Wow!’”

Customer favorites include lemon cheesecake, caramel latte, peanut butter and jelly. Nutrition Fix has teas – customers choose a smoothie and a tea as part of the ordering process. Their tea options for energy include original, raspberry, lemon, chai and cinnamon, and aloe flavoring varieties such as mango, cranberry and mandarin.

In addition to selling their smoothies and teas, both Baney and Tackett emphasized the importance of building relationships with their customers, which highly contributes to the success and satisfaction of their business.

“We like to have the relationship building, not just come buy something and leave,” Baney said.

“We call each of our customers by name…we try really hard to remember every single person.”

“We strive to have everybody who comes through the door, when they walk back out, they leave better than when they came in,” Tackett added. “We don’t want it to feel like you are just doing a transaction, we want there to be a reason to come back, like yes, the smoothies and tea, they’re incredible, but we want you to come back for us.”

If a customer is visiting for the first time, Tackett said they usually start with the customer favorites, and will ask them if they prefer vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter to help them narrow down what flavored smoothie they want. For the teas, Tackett said they ask patrons what energy level they want, and then they can choose the type of tea and aloe flavoring.

Their shared space with Stick 2 It Fitness gives Nutrition Fix a unique opportunity to integrate fitness and nutrition for well-rounded experience for customers and clients. Tackett said the community is made up of results coaches and clients in the workouts.

“All of them do come here on occasion to get a smoothie and tea and love, it’s for the people also who aren’t ready to workout, or they’re still nervous of the workout, they can still come in and get the same energy and encouragement and love, and not feel bad about not being able to complete a workout.”

The owners enthusiastically told me about their business, and part of the novelty of Nutrition Fix is they perform outreach themselves by offering coupons for other businesses in their complex. They also use social media, coining the #FirstTimeFix tag on their photos for first-time customers (I had one taken of me), and word-of-mouth from existing customers, they have grown organically and in a short amount of time built a strong community of customers who they consider friends and family.

“The reason I decided to take this on and open this up, is because of the community that was built before me, so once you’ve found it and it helps you so much, not only physically and mentally but emotionally, you actually have a network of people that aren’t just friends, they’re like family,” Tackett said.

On that note and the preface that she and Baney would probably cry, Tackett told me a woman came in and was working with another coach at 2U Fitness and getting results. Tackett said they give hugs at the workouts, and this woman was standoff-ish, “she was like ‘don’t touch me, this is my personal space, don’t hug me,’ and one day she came in and she said, ‘I didn’t come in for a smoothie,’ and we asked ‘what’s going on?’ and she said ‘I just came in for hugs,’ she said her dad wasn’t doing well in the hospital, I just really need the love,’” Tackett said, as she and Baney teared up. “So, it’s that, it’s providing that for people we would’ve never known or met without this opportunity.”

“That is why we do this, is because it literally has the power to change and transform somebody’s life,” Tackett said.

“You can’t explain the feeling that you get,” Baney said, since the story Tackett told me happened about a month ago and they both were still emotional recalling it.

“It’s exhausting and it’s a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding for those moments,” Tackett said.

As I left, they called out, “Hey Alyssa, have the best day ever!”

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 9-10 a.m. at Nutrition Fix, 2450 W. Broadway Road, Suite 120B in Mesa.

Nutrition Fix is also participating in the Back the Red, Back the Blue challenge fundraiser, which supports Mesa Fire and Police. Proceeds will go to the charity of their choice at the ribbon cutting ceremony and goes through October.

To learn more about Nutrition Fix, visit: Nutrition Fix’s Facebook page.

– Mesa resident Alyssa Tufts is a freelance writer for MyNewsMesa.com.


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