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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport authorizes issuing Uber drivers trespassing citations

J. Brian O’Neill, executive director and CEO of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. (Kelly Mixer/MyNewsMesa.com)

In November 2016, the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority Board of Directors modified the Authority’s ground transportation rules and regulations to allow rideshare companies to legally and safely operate at the growing Phoenix area airport.

Lyft immediately entered into an agreement and has successfully been serving passengers at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Gateway Airport) for almost 10 months. This agreement is necessary for the protection and safety of both passengers and rideshare drivers conducting business on private property. And, in fact, federal statutes and related FAA policies require that all businesses and individuals conducting business on airport property must have written authorization from (or an executed contract with) the executive director/CEO in order to do so.

Unfortunately, to date, Uber has not entered into such an operating agreement with Gateway Airport and therefore is not allowed to drop off or pick up customers at the airport. This is creating a lot of confusion with both Uber drivers and the large number of airport passengers who use their application.

Effective Sept. 1, 2017, Mesa Police Department officers assigned to provide law enforcement at Gateway Airport will cite all unauthorized ground transportation companies for trespassing if they engage in commercial activities on airport property.

“We are hopeful that Uber will choose to legally operate here at Gateway Airport and agree to observe the same rules and regulations that every other ground transportation company has found success following,” said Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport Executive Director J. Brian O’Neill. “Our airlines are adding a significant amount of new flights and nonstop destinations this fall, and the need for ground transportation services will sharply increase as well. It would be great to add Uber to our list of available resources.”

Uber has entered into agreements with over 300 airports across the country, including Phoenix Sky Harbor and Tucson International Airport.

For more information about Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, visit www.gatewayairport.com.

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