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Playlist: Red Mountain High students reflect on influence of music

Music affects students at Red Mountain High School in Mesa. (Michaela Brown/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

Music is a driving force for many students on campus, whether it’s to help with studies or to motivate students to run that extra mile. The students of Red Mountain High School in Mesa are heavily involved in a variety of activities such as sports, academics and the arts. Music has helped them with these activities in many ways.

“Music motivates me to finish all of my work,” junior Alexandra Krager said. “It keeps me focused because it blocks out all outside noises.”

Calming music tends to help students with their academic success. Studies by Robert L. Newton of National Center for Biotechnology Information show that music calms the anxious mind and helps one focus, especially while studying or performing extracurricular tasks.

“My emotions tend to be swayed by the music I’m listening to,” junior Mya King said. “So, listening to upbeat songs helps me draw more lively things. My drawings end up with more movement, more color and more emotions.”

Not only does music influence students participating in art or academic activities, it motivates athletes on campus as well. Whether it’s through small headphones or blasting through the speakers in the weight training room, music is sure to be listened to by athletes across campus.

“Music to me, as an athlete, is very important,” sophomore Nadia Current said. “A single song could change the way your emotions and feelings are before a game. Whenever I forget my purpose as a basketball player, I can turn to music and find that kid that just loves the game.”

Music is also a significant contributor to the social life of students. With social media being the largest platform for young adults to bond and communicate, the act of sharing of music has become a way of understanding one another.

“Whenever I start a new conversation with someone, the first thing I ask them is what type of artists they listen to,” junior Destinee Lopez said. “You find out a lot about the person and find something to talk about at the same time.”

Students today depend on music for many extracurricular activities as well as academic ones. Music is proven to both help students focus and reduce high levels of anxiety which is highly beneficial during the stress-inducing challenges high school throws at you.

– Michaela Brown is a junior at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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