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Pokémon Go is still all the rage in Mesa

The Poke Club at the Red Mountain High School Homecoming Parade in Mesa. (Jan Saquella/Special to MyNewsMesa.com)

Pokémon Go, a free app inspired by the retro card game, has become a worldwide sensation this year. This game allows people to play as Pokémon trainers and capture Pokémon to train and evolve it to battle and start gyms.

“My first starter Pokémon was Squirtle,” Red Mountain sophomore Zaira Cid De Leon Salinas said. “I chose him because he looked cute, and I’ve heard he’s pretty strong too.”

When starting this game, the first thing a player does is select a starter Pokémon: Charmander (fire type), Squirtle (water type) or Bulbasaur (grass type).

“The best Pokémon I use is Vaporeon,” Red Mountain sophomore Breanna Rivera said. “It is pretty strong, and it is my favorite because I love the Eevee evolutions.”

Since its introduction as a pixel game on Gameboy color, Pokémon has become popular over the years and recently expanded to Pokémon Go. People of all ages can play this fun game. Pokémon can be found in public places like airports and grocery stores.

“I would like it if the game has trading,” Red Mountain freshman Justin Ketterling said. “My friend has two of the same Pokémon and said he would give one to me if they could.”

While adventuring for Pokémon, pokéstops can be found at historical landmarks and monuments. Pokéstops help get players more materials to catch Pokémon easier and heal the Pokémon after battles. There is also an option to buy these materials.

“I’ve spent about $10 on Pokémon Go,” Red Mountain sophomore Kylee Dungy said. “When I see a rare Pokémon and I’m out of pokéballs, I buy them and catch the Pokémon.”

Finding any type of Pokémon is not as easy as it seems. For example, if someone’s favorite type of Pokémon is water type, they won’t be able to find it just anywhere. Water types are found around bodies of water and similarly, grass types are found in grassy areas.

For more information on Pokémon Go, go to http://www.pokemongo.com/en-us/.

– Emily Benyamin is a sophomore at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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