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Red Mountain High: 30 years in the making

Thirty years ago, Red Mountain High School opened its doors to Mesa students. A lot has changed in that time, including an increase in students, staff, buildings and Red Mountain Pride. (Submitted photo)

In 1988, Red Mountain opened its doors to the Class of 1989. Since the school first opened, the campus appearance has changed tremendously, such as: the removal of lockers, adding the lunch ramadas, new buildings like the portables, 700s and 800s and the addition of greenery across campus. Few faculty members remain with the memories of the first graduating classes.

“Red Mountain was a much smaller school back then. There are almost three times as many staff members now,” German teacher Herr Cole said. “We only had three grades 10–12, and they were much smaller. The small numbers made it possible to feel a greater sense of community, but I feel the school has now evolved a greater culture of student responsibility.”

Despite how much the school has changed, the staff still remains as dedicated to student success now as they did then.

“I have given myself to this place, given my time to students and given my time to programs over the years in and out of school,” math teacher Charlie Robbins said. “I believe that those students who have me or had me as a teacher know that. I truly do care how they do if they are trying, and I will ‘bring it’ almost every day.”

Red Mountain now has countless awards in all programs and continues to excel in academics, performing arts and sports on the national level.

“I love Red Mountain,” Cole said. “A feeling of caring about student success dominates.”

– Maymuna Elmi, Ava Hansen and Elijah McKay are students at Red Mountain High School in Mesa.

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