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Scouting report: Westview vs. Red Mountain

Red Mountain's Lance Lawson (14) slings this pass out into the flat during action Friday night at Mountain View High School. (Corey Cross/MyNewsMesa.com)

Breaking down tape is what they do.

They can find tendencies, tells and weaknesses. Not to mention the singling out the oppositions’ strengths and top individuals along with developing game plans from all the information parsed from game tape.

Coaches take great pride in preparing for a game, and in truth games can be won right there in the coach’s office if they are really good at it.

Seventh-seeded Red Mountain (9-2) and No. 15 Westview (6-5) meet up Friday in the 6A Conference state quarterfinals. The film was broken down last weekend, maybe even last Friday night after the first-round win, and the game plan has been implemented.

It’s up to the players to execute it and for the coaches to adjust on the fly.

“I went to coaches’ clinic eons ago and one of the coaches said, “Anyone can coach Monday through Thursday,’” Red Mountain coach Mike Peterson said. “‘Great coaches show up at halftime on Friday nights.’

“It’s something that has always stuck with me, and these guys (his assistants) have done a great job of doing it. They are always talking and working things out. Even when we leave here there are group texts that go all night long.”

Since coaches are a bit tight lipped about their game plan leading up to a game, MyNewsMesa.com solicited the insight from coaches who prepared and played against Red Mountain and/or Westview.

Here is their take on this week’s game:

Red Mountain’s Kalim Reece-Peeplez (8) looks to break loose during this second quarter kickoff return. (Corey Cross/MyNewsMesa)

Red Mountain on offense:

“Their offense is no secret. It starts with Lance (Lawson) and containing the big play. They don’t have an offense that can consistently drive the down the field with ground and pound.”

“The key is you have to be aware of where Lance Lawson is at all times. He’s in the slot, then running back and then quarterback. You certainly have to key on him, but you can’t go to sleep on the other side. You can roll a safety to his side, but as soon as you concentrate too much that way they’ll hit a play on the backside. You can’t fall asleep on everyone else.”

Westview on offense:

“Westview is a running team and it’s a good match-up for Red Mountain, who is really good against the run. Westview has gotten to Red Mountain in the past, but Westivew doesn’t have that back from two years ago.

“They have four guys that run different directions and come from all kinds of different ways. They’ll keep coming at you until the play action is set up and they hit you for a big play.”

“The whole thing about playing against Westview and the Wing-T is being disciplined and staying home. As soon as you start to over-pursue they will run right past you because the end didn’t remain patient.”

“You don’t see the Wing-T very often and that’s the hard part. You can’t emulate it in practice the way they have perfected it over the years. You can put your scout time out there but they’re not going to give you the same look. So, when you see it against them it is the first time you are really seeing it for the first time live. It takes some time to adjust to it.”

Red Mountain’s Francis Kumi (80) and Gabe Williams (47) sacks Gilbert’s Jack Plummer. (Darryl Webb/MyNewsMesa.com)

Red Mountain on defense:

“The defense has a very good front four with the inside guys about as good as any in the state. They have some speed off the edges.”

“The defense lost some toughness when the inside linebacker (Delton Jackson) got hurt. He was the heart of the defense.”

“Their skills kids can get out of position and you can take advantage of it for the big play. Teams that throw well do well against Red Mountain if their pass rush doesn’t get going. They have a good front four, but they can be beat on the back end.”

Westview on defense:

“You can run right at Westview. They’re not big up front. They’re tough kids and they are playing well right now, but they can be beat with a big push up front.”

“They’re susceptible to the big play. The front seven is good but we’ve seen better teams throughout the year. They have good size, but nobody that can really take over a game.”

“If you hold on to the ball you can have long drives against them. They keep playing hard, but there isn’t much depth, so you can move the ball and keep getting first downs.”

Predicted scores:

Coach 1: 28-7, Red Mountain

Coach 2: 28-7, Red Mountain

– Jason P. Skoda is a senior writer for MyNewsMesa.com. Send Mesa-based story ideas to jskoda@mynewsmesa.com.



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