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6A boys soccer coaches poll: Brophy enters postseason ranked No. 1

The final 6A Conference Boys Soccer Coaches Poll looked much like it has all year. Brophy and Chandler sit at No. 1 and No. 2...

Boys soccer coaches poll: Upheaval, parity rule 6A Conference

The top two teams in the 6A boys soccer scene are clearly ahead of the rest of the field. Undefeated Brophy and Chandler, who are...

6A Boys Soccer Coaches Poll: 5 new teams make an appearance

The 6A Conference Boys Soccer Coaches Poll had a week of upheaval. Five new teams entered the poll in week three as the coaches start...

Coaches poll: Brophy at the top, Mesa sitting at No. 8

The idea came out of lack of knowledge and a nudge from a coach. Start a coaches poll. Instead of trying to fudge some faux knowledge...