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‘An American in Paris’ pirouettes its way onto Gammage

If a ballet was a musical then it would be “An American in Paris.” Adapted from the classic 1951 film with Gene Kelly and...

Movie Review: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ not quite fantastic, but still fun

Five years after we left a victorious Harry Potter and friends we return to his world, but to a time predating Harry and his...

Movie Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ is another win for Marvel

“Doctor Strange” proves that no character is too outlier or, uh, strange for Marvel to flesh out. Doctor Stephen Strange first appeared alongside the...

Celtic Thunder storms the Mesa Arts Center

Nearly 10 years have passed since Celtic Thunder burst onto the international music scene. They’ve rocked Billboard’s top 100 charts 10 times within the...

Mesa PD gets ready to launch predictive policing

The Mesa Police Department is upgrading its crime-fighting capabilities. With the purchase of the crime-predicting software, PredPol, the department will, allegedly, have a better...

Movie Review: ‘American Honey’ is a sour film full of drudgery

“American Honey” is many things but a worthwhile film it is not. Written and directed by Andrea Arnold, the film is loose, directionless, and...

Movie Review: ‘Sully’ is the American hero cinema needs

“Sully” is the type of hero movie we need. Director Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks grease on the landing of this biopic. It hits...

The anti-heroes rise in ‘Suicide Squad’

Allegedly, “Suicide Squad” did some reshoots after the lackluster audience response to “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”Whether or not those reshoots bettered the...

Movie Review: Cranston shines in ‘The Infiltrator’

After years of intense action on the wrong side of the law in “Breaking Bad,” Bryan Cranston trades the bald head for luscious ’80s...

Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters’ surpasses expectations

Muscling in between the superhero epics and Sundance dramas this summer is another franchise reboot. However, “Ghostbusters” is worth getting excited over. Directed by...