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State wrestling: 3 finish one win away from title

PRESCOTT VALLEY – A game plan is all well and good, but executing it is something completely different once the whistle blows. Steve Jarman found...

State wrestling: Uncle-nephew combo lead the way for Mesa finalists

PRESCOTT VALLEY – The family ties that run through Mesa can be quite astounding at times. It tends to be the home for families that...

State wrestling: Parade of champions will define final tournament

The parade of champions will be played Friday night in Prescott Valley with 84 6A Conference wrestlers striding out to the center of the...

Wrestling sectionals: Desert Ridge wins 1st team title, 9 local champs

By the end the voice was a little raspier, the Desert Ridge hat was crooked on Travis Jackson’s head and the Jaguars were huddled...

Wrestling: 1 area champ, 3 runner-ups at Peoria Invite

There are times Johnathan Garcia looks awkward on the wrestling mat. It’s as if his mind and body are both working at hyper speed to...

Wrestling roster sizes fluctuate per school

Nick Guerrero spent Thursday morning at Arizona State’s rec center competing in a wrestling tournament for Westwood. He was just one of more than 300...

Wrestling preview: Coaches, wrestlers form lifelong bond with their sport

Stepping into a wrestling room takes a tolerance for heat, an ability to ignore some odd smells and courage to stick around. It is a...