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Take the Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign’s One Ton Water Challenge

A June 5 news conference launched the 11th Annual Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign. (City of Mesa)

With more than five weeks remaining in the campaign and temperatures exceeding triple digits daily, the need for donations of bottles of water to help people in need is still critical. The Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign has launched the One Ton Water Challenge to help achieve its goal of collecting 500,000 bottles of water by Sept. 15.

The One Ton Water Challenge is being promoted by the city of Mesa, United Food Bank and Mesa Chamber of Commerce. Businesses, residents and organizations are being challenged to buy a pallet of water, which weighs more than one ton, for under $150.

“Mesa residents and businesses have been extremely generous in donating bottles of water during these hot summer months and I know they are ready to step up to the One Ton Water Challenge,” Mesa Mayor John Giles said.

A donated pallet of water would contribute approximately 2,000 bottles to the campaign. Businesses or residents can contact United Food Bank at 480-398-4464 to have a driver pick up the pallet.

“We all know it’s extremely hot outside and members in our community need water as the heat of summer continues,” United Food Bank President and CEO Dave Richins said. “Get your neighbors together, accept the One Ton Challenge and for under $150 you can quench the thirst of those who need it most.”

The idea for the One Ton Water Challenge came from the Mesa Chamber of Commerce during a brainstorming session about creative ways to benefit the Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign.

“One of our Ambassadors had the idea to encourage businesses to ‘Take the One Ton Challenge’ and pass it on. If our members all stepped up to the challenge or partnered with others to take the challenge it would be a huge success and we would reach our goal of collecting 500,000 bottles of water,” Mesa Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sally Harrison said.

The Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign, which started in 2007, is a partnership involving the city of Mesa, nonprofit agencies and businesses to provide supplies of water to those in need. The water is distributed through United Food Bank to numerous nonprofit organizations in Mesa and throughout the Valley including Paz de Cristo, Mesa United Way and A New Leaf-East Valley Men’s Center.

More than 267,000 bottles have been collected since the campaign began June 5. You can donate water at various drop-off locations throughout the city. A complete list of locations is available at www.mesaaz.gov/H2Omesa.

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