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Tap water with cloudy appearance is safe to drink in southeast Mesa

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During the past few weeks you may have noticed subtle changes in your tap water in southeast Mesa, primarily in the Gateway area, such as cloudiness or white-milky appearance. This is the result of the city pumping well water to meet customer demands, according to city officials.

The change in the appearance of your water is caused by air, naturally occurring in groundwater. As the city pumps water to users, it remains under pressure and the “trapped” air cannot be released until it reaches your tap. Despite the changes, Mesa’s water is safe to drink and continues to exceed stringent state and federal water-quality standards, city officials said.

Dissolved air in the water is not harmful to people and will not damage plumbing or appliances. It can, however, have an appearance to some people that causes concern when this only occurs occasionally or seasonally.

Cloudy water typically is caused by millions of tiny air bubbles. They are harmless and not a health concern. It may take several seconds to a minute for the air to escape. As it does, the water will clear from the bottom of the glass, upward.

An easy solution to cloudy water is to fill a pitcher with tap water and place it in the refrigerator. The air bubbles will dissipate and the water will be crystal clear and cold when the next glass of water is poured from the pitcher.

For more information about cloudy water, contact the Water Quality division at 480-644-6461.

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